Flight Across the Harvest Moon

A full frame image of the Flight Across the Harvest Moon.

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Burnt by the Sun


“The FBI is meant to protect the democratic process, not use its powers to manipulate it. While leaks are an important part of the public’s ability to scrutinize government, elect…

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Farmer’s Market

_mg_2881A Return Visit

BRAINTREE– Saturday, 2016-09-24 Peppers! from C.N. Smith Farm Pumpkins, Corn on the cob from C.N. Smith Farm. C.N. Smith Farm, Inc. site Radishes, Romaine lettuce Debora’…

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Harvest Moon

Flight across the Harvest Mooncropped-mg_2758.jpg


“luck favors the prepared”

I had not really thought out my shot ahead of time.. and simply wanted to capture the Harvest Moon before it got too high in the night sky.
I gathered my gear, got to a favored spot, got adjustments set, and just then a jet started to fly across the face. Barely had time to realize, I was so intent on getting the shot set up. I saw it coming and fired until it exited into the night.

A long search followed afterward. I hoped to improve upon the shot, make adjustments, etc….
No other aircraft flew anywhere near or across the moon the remaining time there.
A rare moment captured with a bit of preparation…and luck.

Harvest Moon

Braintree Farmer’s Market

2016_09-17   A young fan joined in the fun, busting a few dance moves to the rockin’ tunes of a local folk singer Dan Durkee “…of Plymouth, has been singing and playing guitar for more than 30 years. He grew up in Ohio and California and was heavily influenced by his piano playing father from whom he learned chord progressions and harmonies. He currently covers many classic rock, pop, and country songs.”


A trip to the the Saturday Farmer’s Market to check out the offerings…

Gallery: Braintree Farmer’s Market



Locally grown, farm-fresh veggies!





…and this entire table was for one salad! 😜



Honey bee display, a local bee farmer talked about bee keeping and honey harvesting.


Acorns & Fall

Autumn, acorns and the coming Fall.

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