A Return Visit

BRAINTREE– Saturday, 2016-09-24


Peppers! from C.N. Smith Farm


Pumpkins, Corn on the cob from C.N. Smith Farm. C.N. Smith Farm, Inc. site


Radishes, Romaine lettuce


Debora’s Kitchen. Deborah’s Kitchen site


Local Artists performing popular rock hits


Adirondack Red Potatoes


Summer Squash, onions, potatoes and kale


Lost Art Cultured Foods.. Lost Art Cultured Foods site


The Vermont Syrup Company…The Vermont Syrup Company’s site

_mg_2872Omega Olive Oil… Omega Olive Oil site


Eva Ruth’s, wheat-free, gluten-free bakery.  Eva Ruth’s site

_mg_2841Swiss Bakery


Joseph H. Beaulieu, Jr., Livestock & Produce Farm, producer of Locally Grown Beef. email: allnaturalbeef@comcast.net


Lightning Willow Farm. site


Gourd or squash?. C.N. Smith Farm


Macintosh Apples


Farm fresh eggs

_mg_2916-2Local Folk / Rock singer


Bona-fido Dog Treats, Dog Food   site


Norwell Farms  site


Norwell Farms  site  squash, corn, acorn squash, pumpkins, produce


Norwell Farms site  cabbage, eggplant, rhubarb, kale. string beans…


Second Nature Farm  site  lettuce, micro veggies, radishes, beet greens…


Second Nature Farm  site   radishes, lettuce…


Second Nature Farm site  hot peppers…